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Summer Office Hours

Our office will be closed for summer break June 17 - August 1. The office will reopen on Tuesday, August 2. While the office is closed you may email nccs@northcowcreek.org for enrollment information and someone will get back to you. The first day of school for students will be Tuesday, August 16th. 

2016/2017 Budget Documents

Each year the district adopts a budget that must be approved by June 30th. The school is required to make the budget available for review by the community. The School Board will hold a public hearing to receive community input on the budget at their upcoming meeting on Tuesday, June 21, at 7:00 pm. Community members may download the following budget documents for review or may come by the school office to review a printed version of these documents. If you are looking for a brief overview, consider looking at the "Budget Narrative" and the "LCAP Summary." Feel free to call the office and schedule a meeting with the Superintendent if you have specific questions regarding these documents or the budget. 

Budget Narrative :An overview of the financial budget summarizing totals and allocations for amounts not spent.
Budget Detail :This is a comprehensive (and somewhat confusing) budget detail listing all revenue (Income) and expenses.
Multiyear Projections :This document summarizes the revenue and expenses for 16/17, 17/18, and 18/19. 
Fund Balance Appropriations :Any unspent monies from previous years and the 16/17 year must be allocated for a specific purpose. This document lists the Board established designations for these unspent funds.
LCAP Summary :The Local Control and Accountability Program (LCAP) lists goals and costs of activities to support these goals. This document is a summary of the LCAP.
LCAP Detail :This is a more detailed (and somewhat confusing) document listing goals, activities, and expenditures for the 16/17 year, 17/18 year, and 18/19 year. It also provides an evaluation of last year's goals/activities.
LCAP Budget Summary :This spreadsheets summarizes the expenditures for the LCAP goals and activities for the 16/17 year, 17/18 year, and 18/19 year.


North Cow Creek Elementary School is now enrolling students for the 2016/2017 school year. Check us out and see if there is there are spaces left in your child's grade level. 

The following grade levels are now accepting enrollments for the waiting list:
K, 1, 2, 3, 7
There is limited space availablity in the following grade levels: 
4, 5, 6, 8


NCCS is a small (250 student) school in rural Northern California, which has been in existence since 1882. Currently, over 66% of our families drive from as far away as Cottonwood, Shasta Lake City, Shingletown, and Igo/Ono to attend one of the top schools in Shasta County. NCCS's long tradition of exceptional student achievement has earned two California Distinguished School recognition, the Governor's Physical Fitness Award, and a variety of other local awards.We believe that every child is able to learn with quality instruction, time, and support. We ensure this happens by providing family centered school culture, academic support for students in reading and math, and up-to-date curriculum in all subjects. At NCCS, we're also proud to provide a full sports program, including flag football (6th-8th), basketball (4th-8th), volleyball (6th-8th), softball (6th-8th), baseball (6th-8th), track (4th-8th), and ski/snowboard (K-8th).
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Recent News

Transitional Kindergarten 

NCCES Transitional Kindergarten offers:

Success for your child
Teachers who inspire
Innovative Program


 Preschool Program

NCCES Preschool Program 

We are excited to offer a new preschool program this year in partnership with the Shasta County YMCA:



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