Mental Health Services

The conversation around children’s mental health needs has been growing for years. There have been great advancements in neuropsychological research and neuroimaging that have improved our understanding of how our experiences affect brain chemistry and development. We now understand that exposure to chronic environmental stressors (poverty, community violence, familial disruption and instability) and the effects of traumatic incidents, also known as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), can alter a child’s brain development, hindering their ability to learn and their development of self-regulation and other important social skills.

There now is a general understanding that mental health issues and mental illnesses have their roots in childhood, during critical periods of growth, particularly in adolescence, when physical and physiological changes add to the chemistry of ongoing brain development. (published by the National Educators Association - NEA).

If a parent or student feel they need support to address mental wellness, the classroom teacher or school administrator should be contacted. At the school level, a Student Study Team meeting can be scheduled to discuss options and services that may be available through the school.

We are also providing the link to the Shasta County Health Department where a parent or student may find additional resources and help in addressing mental wellness or alcohol and drug abuse.


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