For the 20/21 school year, the State has suspended the LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan) document. As required, during the current school year, the School Board has developed the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan. A draft can be accessed at the link below:

View the 20/21 Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan


The district is required to report the following policies. If you have questions, please call the school office.

Bullying Policy (Resources)
Nondiscrimination Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy



The Education Protection Account (EPA) provides our district with general purpose state aid funding pursuant to Proposition 30, The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012, approved by the voters on November 6, 2012. The EPA funding is a component of the funds that make up the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and used to fund the overall school programs as well as the goals listed in our Local Control Accountability  Plan (LCAP). 

Each year, we are required to post the EPA budget for the previous school year.

View the EPA Budget for 2019/2020 here
View the EPA Budget Report for 2018/2019
View the EPA Budget for 2017/2018 here

View the EPA Budget for 2016/2017 here
View the EPA Projected Budget for 2016/2017 here
View the EPA Budget for 2015/2016 here
View the EPA Budget for 2014/2015 here.


The Governing Board has the responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing the school district. The Board encourages the early, informal resolution of complaints whenever possible and appropriate when an individual feels the district has not met these responsibilities. 

To resolve complaints which cannot be resolved through such informal processes, the Board has adopted a uniform system of complaint processes (UCP). The Board has designated the Superintendent/Principal as the UCP compliance officer who is responsible for accepting, researching, and resolving the complaint. 

All UCP complaints must be provided to the compliance officer (Superintendent/Principal) in writing as specified in the district's Administrative Regulation --AR 1312.3(c). The compliance officer is available to provide specific guidance as needed. If the complaint is against the compliance officer, the UCP may be filed with the School Board President. 

Below are links to the specific policies on how to file a UCP and the reasons a UCP may be filed. 

Board Policy 1312.3
Administrative Regulations 1312.3


Title IX Coordinator is Kevin Kurtz (Supt/Prin/Title IX Coordinator)
Title IX Training Document


The Healthy Schools Act (HSA) establishes parents' right to know about the pesticides that are applied at the school. Parents have a right to be notified of the pesticides expected to be used during the school year as well as notification of an intended application prior to the pesticide being administered. To receive these notifications, we ask that parents send an email request to: [email protected].

Click here to review the Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM). This plan is reviewed and updated annually by August 1.


The School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is a yearly publication that informs parents about school demographics, student achievement, teacher qualifications, budgetary expenditures, and other key aspects of the school. The SARC is compiled each fall for the previous year, so please remember that much of the information included is not for the current year.
2021 School SARC (for the 20/21 School Year)
2020 School SARC (for the 19/20 School Year)
2019 School SARC
(for the 18/19 School Year)
2018 School SARC
(for the 17/18 School Year)
2017 School SARC (for the 16/17 School Year)
2016 School SARC (for the 15/16 School Year)
2015 School SARC (for the 14/15 School Year)
2014 School SARC (for the 13/14 School Year)
2013 School SARC (for the 12/13 School Year)
2012 School SARC (for the 11/12 School Year)
2011 School SARC (for the 10/11 School Year)


The Williams case was settled in San Francisco County Superior Court in 2004. The settlement resulted in the Williams Act. The law requires that every student, including English learners, must have instructional materials to use in the classroom and to take home to complete assignments. The law also requires that every school must be clean, safe and maintained in good condition and that parents must be notified in the event that a teacher has improper credentials, or that a vacant position is yet to be filled by a qualified .


Total Enrollment of Students able to participate: (18/19 School Year) --> Boys (163), Girls (98)

  1. Number of Students Participating in Athletics --> Boys (105), Girls (66)
  2. Number of boy's and girl's teams, classified by sport and by competition level
SPORT Gender Comp Lvl
 CrossCountry All
Basketball Boys A
Track Boys A
Basketball Boys B
4/5 Basketball Boys B
Track Boys B
Track  Boys C
Football CoEd B
Volleyball Girls A
Basketball Girls A
Softball Girls A
Track Girls A
Volleyball CoEd B
Basketball Girls B
4/5 Basketball Girls B
Track Girls B
Track Girls C


North Cow gives the required California State CAASP test to students in grades 3-8. Parents may opt their children out of taking this test. We do ask that parents talk with their child’s teacher or school administration prior to sending a written note requesting their child not take this assessment.

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